by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
John 20:11-29
April 19, 1992

If you have your Bibles, turn with me; if not,
there'll be one in the pew rack. You're invited to
follow along. John, chapter number 20, beginning with
verse 11. Throughout the world today, clergymen and
pastors and monks and priests and worship leaders have
historically led the church in this particular word.
The leader says: He has risen! And the people respond:
He has risen, indeed! I wonder if we could do that

He has risen!
He has risen, indeed!
He has risen!
He has risen, indeed!

And throughout the service today if you will follow my
lead, we will follow in the tradition of the Christian
church for many of thousands and thousands of years.
Let's bow for prayer together.

Our heavenly Father, still us and quiet us as You
speak directly and personally to our life's deepest
need. Let me get out of the way so that Thy word and
Thy truth might be heard, received, understood, and
may we leave this place putting that truth into
practice every day in which we live. For we pray in
the name of our living, resurrected Lord, this same
Jesus. Amen.

Severa1 weeks ago, Jo Beth and I were in Washington
while I was speaking to the Christian Life Commission.
We took off one afternoon and made time to go by the
Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial. It is the most visited
sight now in our nation's capital. If you have been
there you know how unusual it is. It is below the
level of the ground. It has been carved out of the
earth. You can see the Washington Monument. You can
see the Lincoln Memorial. But you walk down and what
you see is a wall of black granite. On that wall of
granite or perhaps marble, you see the names. Name
after name. And every name by it has a number. It's
like looking at a roster of a football team. James
Bailey Johnson. Philip Al Pedro. And on and on and on
they go. Every name representing a broken-hea ...

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