by Dr. Ed Young

#915 April 5, 1992 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hebrews 11:5-6
Fame chapter, Hebrews Chapter Number 11. I hope you'll open your Bibles with me
to the Book of Hebrews in the eleventh chapter. Today we'll look at verses 5 and
6 of Hebrews Chapter Number 11. Let's bow for prayer together as we begin.
"Father, thank You for the miracle of Your touch upon our lives and
Father, with anticipation we believe that You have brought us to this
hour of wvorship for just this- moment. May wev not dodge Thy word;
may we not stiff-arm Thy truth; may we not say that's for someone
else, but Lord, every word from Your word, may we take it personally
and intimately and see how we need to respond to that which You give
to us. Break bread before us is our prayer. Speak, 0 Lord, let me get
out of the way for we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."
I think all of us know that Hebrews Chapter Number 11 is indeed one of the most
famous and best known and beloved chapters in all the Bible. Here we have the
Heros and Heroines of Faith and over and over again we read "by faith, by faith, by
faith." But also along the way, we have come to nail down a definition of faith.
We discovered that faith is believing God. Faith is confident obedience to the word
of God regardless of circumstances or consequences. Would you say that after me?
Faith is confident obedience (Faith is confident obedience) to the word of God (to
the word of God) regardless of circumstances (regardless of circumstances) or
consequences (or consequences).
Now don't run around in a future date and say, "Boy, I had faith in that; I've really
got great faith." If you have faith, if I have faith, it is acting faith. It is living faith.
We've already discovered that Abel had worshipping faith. I believe in progressive
revelation; therefore, as Abel had worshipping faith, we're going to see that Enoch
had walking faith.
First, we worship and then we walk. You can't walk wit ...

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