by Dr. Ed Young

Faith Worshipping
Dr. Ed Young
Hebrews 1:4

We're studying the Book of Hebrews; we're in the great eleventh chapter of that
tremendous book. I hope you have your Bibles open to Hebrews 11. Today we'll
look at verse number 4. Hebrews 11 verse number 4. Let's bow for prayer

''Father, speak clearly to us in this hour. Deal with us, touch us.
Where there is need for grace we ask for grace; where there is need for
reconciliation we ask for reconciliation; where there is need for love,
Lord, we ask for love. Father, we come for Thee to touch our lives and
to deal with us in every aspect of our living. We're here to worship.
You speak, 0 Lord, let me get out of the way so that Thy word and
Thy truth might be heard and Lord, may we leave here putting Thy
truth into practice. For we know that this is indeed the test of whether
we've worshipped Thee or not as we pray in the name of Him whom
we desire to lift up in this hour, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.''

Anyone who lives in a city like our city and reads the newspapers and listens to
television, because of the news reports we almost get hardened to brutality and
murder. It's thrown before us day after day; week after week; month after month
and finally, we say, you know, nothing shocks me anymore. I'm just shocked proof!
What else can happen? What else can they show on television? What else can we
read about in the newspaper? What more horrible pictures can they be to present?
But this last Wednesday morning, the reports began to come in about a murder that
was as heartrending as anything I have observed in a long, long time. A mother
was found murdered nude. Clinging to her body was a one year old daughter. The
mother evidently had been dead for a long time, but this one little year old daughter
just cdinged to that body and had her mother's blood all over her and when they
came, even then, they had to literally pull that little one year old girl with her
mother's blood over a ...

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