by Dr. Ed Young

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#911 March 8, 1992 A.M.
(Transcribed from actual data)
Hebrews 10:26-39
We've got a little housekeeping this morning. If you'd reach those on the-your-my
right; your left in the pew; reach under the pew; get the envelopes and hand
everyone out one again and I need one too up here, if I could. Mac, you got one
there or somebody. They'll be coming down. Thank you.
If everybody would get one of these, we want to explain this. Last Sunday we
started our pledging of our budget so lot of you very purposefully stay at home and
I understand that. (Laughter) But we're going to get you again today! And we're
going to do it in this way so you want miss out on the evangelism part as well as
the other part.
Let me say this. God says in His book that we tithe. Do you believe it? If you do,
do it! Simple. God says it; I believe it; I do it. That's simple! So if you were not
here last week, there's a tithe card in there, a pledge card, if you'll fill that out and
mark your commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ to the ministry of this fellowship,
the body of Christ and you'll give it to one of the ushers or put it down in the seat
or pass it in, we'll pick this commitment card or mail it to us or whatever you want
to do. That is there available for us.
But what I really wanted to go through with you, not only is that commitment card,
but also is this little coin. The explanation of the coin is found on the thing that
says the "Great Discovery" it's nothing but the four spiritual laws. God's greatest
discovery and it's a witnessing tool for you to share your faith. This is a bronze
coin. It's third place, right in the Olympics? When you share your faith and this is
the little discovery card you write down the name of people that you want to come
into this church family that need to come to know Jesus Christ. Those that you
know need a change in their life that only Christ can give. Write their names down.
Rray ffor them, carry it i ...

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