by Dr. Ed Young

#910 March 1, 1991 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
11 Corinthians 9:6-15
Last year over 2,000 people walk-ed down the aisles of this church and gaave their
hand to the pastors and gave their hearts to Jesus Christ and came into membership
of this family and went through New Member Counseling and are now a part of this
church family. In our morning worship services today, with the help of some choir
members who led them in so they would know exactly where to seat, you have in
our choir in this service and the next service some of those who've joined our church
this past year and they just got through singing "Thank You and Thank Me for Giving
Because of You They are Here". Welcome again church family. (Applause)
Open your Bibles, if you would, to 11 Corinthians Chapter Number 9. We'll look in
a passing way at verse 6 through verse 13. II Corinthians 9:6-13. Let's pray
"Father, speak to our hearts; speak to our lives; touch each and every
one of us individually by Thy Holy Spirit is our prayer in Jesus' blessed
and holy name. Amen."
If you do not want to eat at McDonald's, you never better ask a child where that
child wants to eat. (Laughter) I'm telling you one thing. If you want to talk about
marketing, they, ve got a lot on the market. Th-ey have it all worked out!- I- was with
my five year old granddaughter, LeeBeth, a month or so ago and I said, "LeeBeth,
where do you want to eat?" "McDonald's!" I should've guessed and so we went in
McDonald's and I ordered a McLean, low fat, low cholesterol and she ordered a
"Happy Meal."
And we're seated there and I'm eating my McLean and she's eating her Happy Meal
and you know, Happy Meals are beautifully colored box and it has a toy inside and
a hamburger there and a medium size coke and has some of those delicious French
fries. And so she's eating and I get through with my McLean and we're sitting by
the little playgrou ...

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