by Dr. Ed Young

#907 February 16, 1992 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hebrews 10:1-18
Many times we have studied the historical aspects of the cross of Jesus Christ. This
morning we look at the theological aspects of the same cross of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ. We're studying the Book of Hebrews. We're all the way to Chapter
Number 10. Today we look at verse 1 through verse 18. Let's bow for prayer
together as we begin our study.
"Father, still us and quiet us; speak to us clearly and directly letting me
get out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy Truth might be heard and
applied in our hearts and in our lives for this is our prayer made through
Jesus Christ, our living Lord. Amen."
Wouldn't it be something today if everybody who came here for worship left this
worship experience and we were all confident that we know God and that every-
single one of us who gathered here are right with God. Wouldn't that be
something? I know God and in my life I am totally right with God. I think if that had
happened there would be an explosion of joy and celebration; there would be smiles
and laughter and tears because now I know God and I'm confident that He is a part
of my life; I'm confident that my life is in harmony with Him. I pray that will take
place for every single one of us gathered.
Now to know God you have to handle the little bitty problem of sin. You say, that's
not little bitty problem and you're exactly right! In fact, the major problem in life is
the problem of sin. We can explain it away; we can rationalize it; we can hide it;
we can seek to forget it; we can say it's not really real; we can come up with all
sorts of situational ethics; we can talk about relativity and all the rest of it, but the
bottom line is no one has meaning and satisfaction in this life until the problem of
sin is dealt with.
In other words, if I am going to be right with God and I am going to know that I am
right with God, I am going to ...

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