by Dr. Ed Young

#904 February 2, 1992 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hebrews 8:7-9:10
For a wonderful way for preparing us for worship and we're grateful to them for their
commitment and their dedication.
We're studying the Book of Hebrews. It's good to begin at the beginning and go
through the end, but sometimes we have to miss and there're gaps there and I try
to let every time of teaching stand on its on feet, but hang in here with us; I believe
there's a wonderful, wonderful message.
In one sense if you understand the Book of Hebrews, you really understand it, you
understand the Old and New Testament. The essence of it all! Isn't that
tremendous? In one book, it makes this kind of demand upon you and upon me.
Today we're going to look primarily at Chapter Number 9 of Hebrews verse 1
through verse 10. Let's go to the Lord in prayer together. You'll need your Bibles;
they're in the pew. I love to see you open them and see the pages rustle a little bit;
and the dust come out of some of them and we can follow along together and seek
to understand this tremendous, tremendous book. Let's pray together.
"Father, we know that Thou art here; You speak now and let me get
out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy Truth might be heard;
received; understood and may we put it into practice right where we
live. For this is our prayer through Jesus Christ our living Lord. Amen."
Perhaps you noticed in the newspapers last week where a woman called 911 and
an ambulance came to her home only to discover as far as they could determine that
she was already dead. They worked with her furiously and got her to the hospital.
All the medical people came in with all of their modern technology and worked with
her even longer until finally they determined brain waves, pulse and all the other
things that they use that this woman was, indeed, DOA. Dead on arrival.
They put her off to one side and finally they called her family and it took her son
one hou ...

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