by Dr. Ed Young

#900 January 12, 1992 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hebrews 7:20-28
You find the theme of the latter verses in the seventh chapter of Hebrews in the
little phrase located in verse 19. It talks about being near to God. How we like to
be near to God. Or maybe we do not want to be near to God. Maybe a lot of
people here today would say, I'm just as near to God as I want to be because
you've already discovered the price to get near to God is a very expensive price.
The Book of James says you draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Yet,
there are many here today who would say in almost a little clatter-kind of way, "Oh,
I'd like to be near to God." Are you really sure of that?
Hebrews, the author inspired by the Holy Spirit, is laboring, is working hard to
provide a way for men and women to reach God to get near to God. You see, a lot
of us are like Job; we cry out, "O, that I knew where I might find Him." But the
truth is, we are far removed from God. The truth is He is an eternity away from us
and the truth is a lot of us really don't want to get exceedingly intimate and close
to Him. Why? Because of fear? What He might do? What He might say? And
because of sin. Self-satisfied with the way I am; I'm going to stay the way I am and
hope by the skin of my teeth somehow I'll make it into heaven when breath leaves
this body.
But for those here today who would like to really draw near to God and let Him draw
near to you, the writer of Hebrews has a tremendous word. But you say we're a
long way from God and that's true. We are an eternity away from God. Actually,
I'll tell you where we are. Look, if you would, in Isaiah Chapter 55. Isaiah 55. You
see the verse there. Isaiah 55:7 following. It says simply,
"My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways..."
What does this say? It says simply that God's thoughts are so far removed from
mine and your thoughts and God's ways are so far removed from mine ...

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