by Dr. Ed Young

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#890 November 17, 1991 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
HEBREWS 5:1-10
That if you had the opportunity you'd say, you know if I had another life to live, I'd
like to spend it in Mexico. That country of great need and great opportunity and you
might say, I'd love to spend out the rest of my life there founding churches, being
a part of introducing people to Jesus Christ, being there in the streets and the homes
and learning the language - that would be a thrilling thing to do for God for the rest
of your life or the rest of my life. Others might say, I'd love to be a missionary
somewhere. You may have a country, a spot all picked out where you could go
and be greatly used by God as far as in a mission center, as far as a street ministry,
as far as just running a soup line in a kitchen somewhere. Making a difference in
this world! Others here today say, I-you know I would love to be in America in
someplace working in an orphanage or working in a home for aging or working there
with young children and certainly we could get a lot of great needs and great
expectations and desires would just flow through your heart and mine and we'd say,
you know I wish I were like a cat and I had seven, eight, nine lives, I could spread
them one over here and one over here and one over there. Let me tell you, we can
do this. This is our time of missionary offering. We give so that we as a church
here will be a part of the feeding and being Christmas to 5,000 plus people. We
give because we know there are almost 4,000 foreign missionaries around this world
under the auspices of this church. About 5,000 home missionaries under the
auspices of this church and this church along with a little help in the past three and
a half years we have started, listen to this, 1-0%'- of all the existing Baptist churches
in the country of Mexico were started by our congregation and we hope to start fifty
more churches, but Folks, we're going to ha ...

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