by Dr. Ed Young

#881 October 6, 1991 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hebrews 3:1-6
Our choir good have looked all over the world and not found a better chorus to present to us
today and they always, always do a super, super job in worship. We're grateful for our choir
and for our orchestra and all of those who lead us in music. I hope you have your Bibles open
to the Book of Hebrews. It ought to begin to open there automatically. We're in a year long
study of this most significant, profound and deep book. We've lost a lot of people in our study
because I said up front, you'd have to think in church and this is exactly what we've been
doing. Uncovering the tremendous truths that are here. Hebrews Chapter Number 3. We'll
look at the first six verses today. Let's bow for prayer together.
"Father, we're thankful for Thy presence that began this morning with the first
note on the organ and that will end tonight as we sing the words of hallelujah to
Thee. Father, You speak now and let me get out of the way so that Thy word
and Thy truth might be heard, it might be received, it might be understood and
Father, may we leave this place inspired by Thy presence, but more than that,
equipped by Thy Holy Spirit to live out these precepts You impart to us every
step of our life for this is our prayer through Jesus Christ our living Lord.
Amen. "
Thirteen years ago I became pastor of this church and the first Sunday the pastor and his family
are on edge and all the church is a little bit on edge. The new pastor has come to town. My
son Cliff, who is now a freshman at TCU was five years old that first Sunday and he went to
the five year old Sunday School class and the teacher in the middle of the class asked the
question, "Who is Moses?" Cliff put his hand in tne air and the teacher later told -nm, well,
there's the new preacher's son. He's knows all of these Biblical answers. And she said, "Yes,
Cliff, who is Moses?" Quick as a lightening, he s ...

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