by Dr. Ed Young

#878 September 22, 1991 P. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
I Corinthians 7:28
Well, we've talked about marriage for a long time and tonight we're going to hear
the rest of the story. (Laughter) Next Sunday night we're going to deal with
specifics about if you should fall in love and if it is the purpose and the calling of
your life to be married then we're going to talk about things you look for in a mate.
Tonight we're going to have a whole general overview of the single lifestyle. Let me
begin with this.
This is a result of a survey that was taken nationally. The question was asked,
"What is the greatest disadvantage of being single?" And by the way, we have a
tremendous, wonderful bunch of singles in our church. They are absolutely fabulous!
(Applause) In fact, I would guess about 50% of our congregation would be single.
That is a guess and this is way above the national average. About 40% of the
population of America is single. They have never been married; they're married and
divorced or they're widowed or whatever. They're single. About 40% of the
population representing roughly 32 million homes, for example, are homes of single
So we have something like 90 millions homes in the U. S.; about 32 million of them
are led by single parents. So about 40% of our population, 32 million homes, single
parents and well over half plus of our church would be single adults. In fact, in
membership of our church, not counting the total ministry of our church they're
manyv many single adults and this series on "Singles" that I'm going to be involved
in ought to be a specially appropriate to those who are married because someday
you're children are going to ask you, "What kind of gal should I look for? What kind
of guy should I look for?" And you need to begin now to plant in the mind of your
children standards. Biblical standards if they are to have marriages that are
Some statistics you might be in ...

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