by Dr. Ed Young

#874 September 1, 1991 A.M.
(Transcribed from tape)
Hebrews 1:1-3
Something about a, I would guess, a year long study of this book. Hebrews, chapter 1, today
we're going to look at verse 1 through verse 3. Let us bow together for prayer.
"Heavenly Father, we open the pages of Thy Book and always there's an
excitement about it. There's an uplift about it, an expectation about it and I pray
right now that You will speak and let me get out of the way so that Thy Word
and Thy divine message might be heard, received, understood and dear Father,
may we leave this place putting it into practice in our lifestyles, for this our
prayer made in the strong holy name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord.
Amen. "
The search is on for the mind of God. Stephen Hawking, in his book, A Brief History of Time,
in his last paragraph ends up with a very provocative question. He asks, "Why do we and the
universe exist?" And then he adds, "If we discover, find out the answer to that question, it will
be ultimate triumph of human reason." And then he adds, "We will then know the mind of
God." With all of our facilities and all of our brilliance and all of our instincts, ladies and
gentlemen, we are unable to move in and of ourselves with all the stuff that we have within us.
From the natural to the supernatural. Because all of us by definition of being mortal, of being
created beings, we live in an natural box and the walls are made out of time and space. And
we know somehow down deep within us that there is that supernatural that's outside of the little
natural boxes we live in, we know it's out there, it's up there, it's over there, but we can't get
to it in and of ourselves.
All the religions of the world, our efforts, of individuals in their natural boxes to get their
mental chisels and through imagination and through meditation and all sorts of means, try to
chisel a hole in our natural box, to try to at least see into the s ...

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