by Dr. Ed Young

#849 February 24, 1991 p.m.
Joshua 15:16-19
You're going to have to stand up all the while I'm preaching! I'll tell you it's
rough! I'm telling you - it's rough! Ooooo, I took a nap this afternoon and it
was great! How many took a nap? Ah - I'll tell you it's wonderful! I'm just
sort of stiff. You ever stiff after you take a nap - sort of? Stretch a little
bit. It's good.
Hope you have your Bibles open tonight. Already, we've.... We're going to read
a parallel passage of scripture here: Joshua, chapter 15, beginning with verse
16 - Joshua 15:16, following:
"And Caleb said, 'The one who attacks Kiriath Sepher and captures it, I
will give him Acsah my daughter as a wife. And Othniel the son of Kenaz,
the brother of Caleb, captured it. So he gave him Acsah [his wife....]
his daughter as a wife. And it came about that when she came to him she
persuaded him to ask her father for a field. So she alighted from a
donkey [that means she just jumped down] and Caleb said to her [his
daughter, now married], 'What do yoau want?' Then she said, 'Give me a
blessing, since you have given me the land of the Negev. Give me also the
springs of water.' So he [Caleb her father] gave her the upper springs
and the lower springs."
Let's bow for prayer together.
Father, we seek Thy truth. We seek principles by which to live. You
speak in this service. Let me get out of the way right now so that Thy
word might be clearly heard by all of us who are gathered in Thy name.
For we pray in the name that we know Thee best by, Jesus Christ our Lord.
All of us remember Green Acres. It was sort of a favorite because Tom Lester
played Eb, went to school with all of us: Jo Beth and I and Barry, in Laurel,
Mississippi. We've known Tommy all of his life. We've heard his story: how he
got a Volkswagen, drove out to California. For some unusual i-dea said he wanted
to be an actor and how really supernaturally he got that role which was really
the first ...

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