by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
January 7, 1990
John 3:16

A friend of mine was attending seminary, Southern
Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky,
and while there he was pastoring a church in
Taylorsville, Kentucky. He was asked one year to
deliver the Baccalaureate address for the High School
and after he had finished speaking, he was seated on
the platform and by him was a young man who was
president of the senior class, also valedictorian of
the senior class, an outstanding basketball player who
had just signed to play basketball for the Kentucky
Wildcats. Full scholarship. When the pastor finished
his words, this young man who also was a member of his
church reached over and said, "Could I see you in the
next few days? I 'd like to talk to you about exactly
what it means to be a Christian." The pastor nodded
and said, "Certainly, Bill."

That night after the graduation exercise, Bill and
some of his friends were going into Louisville for a
party of celebration of their graduation. It was cold.
The rain was falling. The roads were icy and they
didn't quite make a curve and the horror story that
grips any parent that causes fear into the life of any
parent became a reality as the car Bill was driving
swerved and hit a telephone pole and ricocheted into
some fences. All the young people in the car were
rushed to the hospital there in Louisville. Bill's
folks were called and ultimately called the pastor of
the little church and the pastor when he got to the
hospital saw Bill's dad walking out of the emergency
room. He was broken, crying and he looked up at the
preacher and said, "Bill's dead." But then when he
composed himself somewhat, he said, "That's not the
most difficult thing at this moment for me because he
regained consciousness long enough with my standing at
his side and he opened his eyes and looked at me and
he said, 'Dad, what does it mean to be a Christian? ...

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