by Dr. Ed Young

#755 October 1, 1989 P.M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Psalm 32:8
Chapter 32 or if you're in church this morning to Nissan Chapter 32 verse 8.
WTI w'll instruct you afl teach you in the way, if the way wha Wch you
should go. I will counsel you with my eye upon you."
Let's pray together.
"Father, we believe that we're here tonight by divine appointment.
We're grateful for the praise, the celebration, the music, the
worship, the prayers, the opportunity to give, those who were
baptized, Lord, it's been a wonderful experience of worship, but
yet, there's more to be- done and we pray for a feeling, a sense of
reverence and a sense of Thy presence in a way, perhaps, we've never
felt before. You speak, 0 Lord, let me get out of the way so that
Thy word and Thy truth might not only be heard. We've been to
church a lot of times and heard a lot of sermons, but may it be
received and understood and may we put that truth in practice in our
living. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen."
Have you ever been lost? I mean really lost. I mean lost to the point that you
didn't know which way to go and which way to turn. You had no sense of
direction at all. I've been lost a lot of time in my automobile because I have
a very poor sense of direction. But that's not really being lost. You know
somehow, someway, unless you run out of gas, you're going to get back where you
"Lord, show me how to get out of here." And I looked up and I'll never forget -
I saw just a little light and I tell you, that light was wonderful and I just
went for that light and after while, I stumbled and fell and found, finally,
some semblance of a path and made my way home. I was so grateful for that
light. I'm telling you it meant everything to me as a young kid, lost there in
the woods.
Now, let me ask you something. How many times in your life have you perhaps not
been lost, or maybe you have been, but you've been lost in the sense of trying
to figure out what ...

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