by Dr. Ed Young

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#753 September 24, 1989 p.m.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Psalm 51
...he, and we wonder sometimes why don't we just take our whole worship and do
nothing but that. But, if you did, we'd live just on an emotional high which
is wonderful, praise and worship and adoration, but we'd have no content to it.
It's like eating dessert all the time - candy and ice cream and sweet things and
you don't have any good substance. But I want to thank the choir, our Beaf
Ministry, Renee and all those who led in a wonderful time of praise to our Lord.
Your Bibles are open! Psalm Number 51! Today we've been studying about a hostage
and we haven't even mentioned him, but you saw it in the title and now you
understand it in the scripture. Sin will capture you; sin will capture me; it
will take you; it will take me hostage. It will hold you, imprison you, bind
you up, take the joy and the strength out of any life. Out of every life. It's
the nature and character of sin and we looked today at the cry David issued under
God. sayina, "Lord,. have mercy on me. Remember Thy lovingkindness. Look upon
me as someone who has had blood sacrificially shed for me." That's the word
mercy. Lovingkindness is the word for (say it again) is the word for covenant.
Covenant. Kindness always, in the Old Testament, alludes to the covenant. God
with His people and then we saw the depths of sin. So many times we confess our
sin; we move in the very shallow areas. We say, "Lord, forgive me. Blot out
my transgressions" and this is simply a picture of God taking His penknife and
scratching out of the Record Book your sin and my sin. Now, that's no little
thing! God cleanses and erases our rebellion. We say, "Lord, thank you for doing
that." But that's just the first stage in genuine forgiveness and because so
many times we go only through the first stage, we miss the release that every
hostage, bound by sin, wants to feel. The freedom that we desire t ...

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