by Dr. Ed Young

#751 September 17, 1989 p.m.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Psalm 50:7-23
Hope you have your Bibles open to Psalm Number 50. We stopped right in the
middle of a courtroom scene; a very dramatic moment this morning. We're going
to pick up right where we left off. Open your Bible to Psalm Number 50. Let's
bow for prayer before we begin our study.
"Father, we love You, we praise You. What a thrill it is to worship
in this place with this Your family, our family! You speak, let me
get out of the way. We do not pray that in a profunctory, habitual
way, but Father, we pray it from the depths of our being. Do
business in our lives today as we apply Thy truth. For we pray in
Jesus' name, Amen."
Years ago Jack Benny was invited to go to the White House and as he was going
into the gate there, he had a violin case in his hand. A big, burly guard
stepped up to him and said, "Mr. Benny, what do you have in that case?" Jack
looked at him and said, "A machine gun." He said, "Ho, thank goodness. For a
minute there I thought you'd brought your violin."
Many of you are too young to understand that. I'm not going to play the violin
tonight, but this is the time of judgement. A time of judgement upon the
worshipping people of Israel and it has direct application to you as well as
well as to myself. Asaph was the minister of music in the Tabernacle; he was
a seer-; he had a vi-5isilon from God and in his vision thpere was a courtroom in
which all the peoples of the world were assembled. And then they called on the
dock, there in the courtroom, everybody who had been in the Tabernacle the
preceding Sabbath. Asaph, the minister of music, saw the choir file in; saw the
deacons, the elders, the priests, the staff, the pastor, the orchestra,
everybody filed in and finally, he saw himself and recognized that in this
particular court session, the whole world in this dimension and in eternal
dimension, heaven and earth, they wer ...

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