by Dr. Ed Young

#750 September 17, 1989 A.M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Psalm 50
Hope you have your Bibles open to Psalm, Chapter number 50. This morning we'll
look at the first six verses of that Psalm and we'll divide the Psalm into two
parts. We'll begin with the seventh verse and go to-through the twenty-third
verse tonight. The Psalm easily outlines itself. If you'll look at the first
six verses, you can just study it and outline on the basis of the pronouns. The
first six verses, the pronoun is "He." "He" is used. Beginning with verse 7
through verse 15, the pronoun is changed. It is "I." "I." And the last verses
through the twenty-third verse, the third section, the pronoun is "you."
So this outlines very beautifully the emphasis of one of the great Psalms in all
the Bible. I really do an injustice this morning considering only the first six
verses, but because we have another worship service coming in on top of us and
because you want to have lunch, I'm going to deal only with this-these six verses
which will serve as a foundation to one of the great words from God in all of
the Old Testament.
Let's bow for prayer together.
"Father; you speak and let me get out of the way in this hour of
worship so that Thy word and Thy word, alone, might be heard,
received, understood, incorporated and applied into our living for
we make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."
Now I hope everybody has your Bible open. I want to show you something that's
really interesting. When you are reading a Psalm, do you ever read those little
headings over the Psalm? Those little phrases there. I rarely do, to be honest
with you, but those little phrases, part of them at least, are a part of the
Revelation. They are a part of the Psalm.
Now look at Psalm 50. What does it say? In my Bible, it says "A Psalm of
Asaph." "A Psalm of Asaph." You say, "Well, big deal!" But in the Fiftieth
Psalm, discovering that this is a Psalm of Asaph, ...

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