by Dr. Ed Young

#748 September 10, 1989 a.m.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Psalm 42-43
How many times have you heard the expression "Life is unfair."? In fact, I
believe if we took a poll today and we were all candid and honest and I would
ask how many people here today think that life is unfair as far as you are
personally concerned, I have a feeling we'd have a whole lot of hands go up and
say, yes, I can buy into that. As far as I'm concerned, life is unfair.
Now you look at the Bible and you see that a lot of people thought that. It
amazes me why more skeptics and agnostics do not go to the Bible to get
information for their unbelief because the Bible is candid and vivid about people
who stand up and say, "I can't find God; I don't believe God is anywhere around;
to be honest with you, I'm convinced life is unfair."
Perhaps, the most popular word of profanity today is the deadliest word of
profanity - it's God followed by the word damn. You hear these words of
profanity when a crisis strikes someone life. You hear these words when someone
crosses someone else in what they believe. This past week I hear these words
when someone took a little white ball and sliced it over into the woods. Now
those that who use this deadly form of profanity, what they're saying is "God,
you're not running this world in the right way. You're not handling things the
way you should." And therefore, we say God, you are to be damned for the way
you're running this thing. All the way from trivia to big stuff. It's amazing,
isn't it?
But a lot of us at different times have the idea that God's nowhere around. Now
we're going to study Psalm 42 and Psalm 43. Really Psalm 42 and Psalm 43 belong
in one Psalm. I believe there's no doubt about it that David is the author of
these Psalms. Some people say Hezekiah, and you can build a pretty good case,
but as I began to read and study the text, I saw it's David. The situation was
when Absalom, his son, rebelle ...

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