by Dr. Ed Young

#747 September 3, 1989 a.m.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Psalm 24

Your Bible this morning, it's especially important, if you didn't bring
one, look in the pew there rack in front of you and turn to Psalm 24.
It's right in the middle of your Bible, almost, and we're going to study
this tremendous Psalm today. Psalm 24. Let us pray together.

Father, we walk on Holy Ground when we open Thy Word. Give us
insight such as we have never received before. You speak; let me
get out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy Truth might be heard,
received, understood and incorporated into our living for we make
this prayer in the strong, holy name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour
and our Lord. Amen.

I've never liked Oreo cookies. I know most of you love Cookies 'N Cream
Bluebell variety, but I don't even like Cookies 'N Cream because I've
never like Oreo cookies. I don't like the chocolate part. I love the
sweet part, the cream in the middle and when I was a boy whenever I would
be given an Oreo cookie, I would always divide it, eat the sweet part and
throw the cookies, the outside away.

Now I Corinthians, Chapter 12, 13 and 14 form a trinity of chapters in
the Bible, but most of us are familiar with I Corinthians 13, the chapter
on love and we treat that chapter the way I do an Oreo cookie. We just
eat the sweetness out of Chapter 13 and overlook Chapter 12 and Chapter
l4 of I Corinthians. We do the same thing with Psalm, Chapter 22,
Chapter 23 and Chapter 24 and these form a trinity of Psalms. Chapter
22 the central theme is "Pain." Chapter 23 the central theme is
"Comfort." Chapter 24 the central theme is "Purity." Now we don't like
to talk about pain and we certainly don't like to talk about purity. So
we just eat the sweet part out and we deal with Psalm 23, the green
pastures and the still waters that shepherd psalm. Now Chapter 22 talks
about the cross and deals wi ...

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