by Dr. Ed Young

#746 August 27, 1989 A. M.
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Psalm 1
Hope you have your Bibles open to the Book of Psalms. We will
begin our study twenty-five different messages, at least, on the
Book of Psalms. Let's bow for prayer together.
"Our Heavenly Father, Thy Word is like a two-edged sword,
sharp and piercing, so relevant, so real, so personal. We
ask Thy blessings and Thy guidance upon as we seek to
understand Thy truth, but Lord, may we not just be heroes
of scripture and heroes of sermons and those who are
edified by music and by prayer and by worship, but Lord,
may we truly take Thy concepts, Thy precepts, Thy truth and
put them into practice right where we live with our family,
with our friends, our neighbors, our associates in
business, our school life, our recreational life. Lord, I
pray right now that You will speak and let me get out of
the way so that Thy Word and Thy Truth might be heard, it
might be received and understood and incorporated into our
lifestyles. Father, through the supernatural working of
Thy Holy Spirit may many of us here never be the same
because You have touched us. For this is our prayer Tn
Jesus' name. Amen."
The message of the Book of Psalms is centered around the great
truths of our faith. Man and God. Sin and salvation. The Book
of Psalms was the hymn book of the Hebrew church. They would
sing the Psalms over and over again. You can take the Book of
Psalms and divide the 150 different Psalms into five distinctive
books that match exactly with the theme of the five first books
of the Bible. The Pentateuch. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Psalms are Hebrew poetry and this
means that the words do not rhyme, but there is parallel
passages there. There are contrast there. In other words, the
Hebrew poet would present a truth in this line and come back
with another Tine and present the same truth--in a different May-.
If you've ever read an ...

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