by Dr. Ed Young

#445 March 31, 1985 - PM

(Transcribed from actual tape)


John 18:1-5

We haven't celebrated all the victories that we need to celebrate. I think

the vote in our Legislature to forbid legalized gambling in Texas was a

magnificent vote. Don't you think so? (Applause)

A fellow told me that he had a dream that a Texan died and went to heaven

and went to the receptionist's desk. And the receptionist said, "Congrat-

ulations, you've made it to heaven." And the fellow said, "Oh, no! Surely

ept4 4St
not. I'm not in heaverf- OIT, n-o And the rec Ion[ sa4l-d, "In all ,ny

years, I've never seen anyone upset over the fact that they're... they've

made it to heaven. Usually people are thrilled to know that they're here."

And this man said, "You see, I like horses." And the lady said, "No prob-

lem. We have horses in heaven." He said, "You don't understand. I like

to race horses." She said, "No problem. We have horse races in heaven."

And finally he got down to what was really disturbing him. He said, "I

like to gamble on horse races." And she said, "Fine. We have gambling on

horse races here@in heaven." He said, "Well, we didn't have that back in

Texas." She said, "Yeah, but there're more Baptist in Texas then there

are up here."

Ah, don't tell anybody where you heard that. But we're going to work

on the facts to try to get all Bapti;sts, Methodists, Presbyterian, Episco-

palian, Catholics and in-between saved and bound for heaven before we

graduate. And that's the purpose of the church. In the meantime, we

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