by Dr. Ed Young

Honor Your Parents
H. Edwin Young
February 3, 1985
Exodus 20:12

Once upon a time there was a little old man. This little man was compeled to live with his son and his son's wife and their family. He would blink a lot. He trembled involuntarily. And while eating at the table as often as not, he would, to put food to his mouth, he would miss his mouth and food would go back on the table. And after every meal when his daughter- in-law would remove the plate, there would be just food and all around on the tablecloth as if a child had eaten. Finally one day he was eating there and he spilled an unusual amount of food, and the daughter-in-law said, "I can't stand this any longer. To just eat every day like this in filth." And she got up along with the little old man's son, and gently but firmly they directed him over to a table on the side. And they seated him there and put a bib on him and gave him an earthenware bowl to eat out of, and said, "You eat over here." Weeks went by and he was eating at the side table, blinking and trembling. and spilling his food. And then one day while eating, he knocked over the earthenware bowl and it went on the floor, and food just exploded and went everywhere. And with this, the son and daughter-in-law said, "We can't stand to eat like pigs. We don't eat like pigs in this house." And the daughter-in-law said, "I have some right to happiness." And so they went and made a trough for him, a wooden trough. And they gave him a trough to eat out of and said, "You're going to eat like a pig, you need to be served like a pig." Couple of weeks went by, and this couple was out in the backyard looking at their son Billy, whom they loved so much. And Billy had a board and was working around and the mother said, "Billy, what are you doing?" And he said, "I'm building a trough that when I grow up and get big, I'm gonna have it to serve you and daddy out of." The couple looked at one another, cried a little, embraced, and at suppertime that nig ...

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