by Dr. Ed Young

428 January 13, 1985 - AM


Exodus 20:2,3

In the 20th Chapter, Exodus, Verse 2 and Verse 3.

1 am the Lo&d thy God, which have b&ought thee out o6 the

tand o6 Egypt, out o6 the house oi bondage. Thou shatt

have no othet goct6 be6ote Me.

Let's pray together.

"Father, we bow our heads and our hearts in Thy presence boldly, knowing

that we have a right to be there and to speak with Thee. Not because of

ourselves or any merit in our own lives, but because of the shed blood of

Thy Own Son, Jesus Christ. Father, I pray that You will speak in this

service and let me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy holy and

divine message might not only be heard, but may it be received and under-

stood and incorporated into our living. For we make this prayer through

Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen."

P. D. East, the scientist and humorist, has written a novel in which he

depicts the world on the brink of disaster. The leaders are fingering

those buttons that would bring civilization to an end. Negotiation has

ceased. The lines are drawn. The holocaust is at hand. When suddenly

there is a dramatic reprieve, a moratorium. And forty-eight hours is given

for negotiation to take place, and for some sense to be made out of the

nonsense of total annihilation of humanity. All the leaders meet together.


Th&y br4ng with-them the resources and the expA--ri-enr-p-@ Gf their cultures.
The Bible, the Koran, the...all the religions of the world, the experience
of social scientists and on and on - all the infomation is fed into a
giant computer that speaks. And then they ask the question: "What is the
formula for world peace?" The machine hums and groans until it speaks

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