by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) January 6, 1985 - PM

Exodus 19

Chapter Number 19 of Exodus. We're moving through the study of Moses, and

it's been something. We finally got Moses out of the wilderness. We fin-

ally pushed him all the way to Egypt. He finally decided that he was a

leader if God would go with him and Aaron would be his spokesman. And then

he moved with careful obedience, under the cloud of God, which was the will

of God, and he led them into that cul-de-sac where he was boxed in all

around until miraculously God, with that rod in Moses' hands, split the

water and the children of Israel went over and became a nat-ion as the army

of Pharaoh was totally destroyed.

And then they had that great passage of praise and hallelujah and thanks-

giving to God and made all of those promises. "Lord, I'm going to be obedi-

ent. Lord, I'm going to pray. Lord, I'm going to worship." They made all

of those promises to the Lord in that great chapter of praise, and turned

around and complained that Marah, the place of bitterness, and they co m-

plained again when they didn't have filet mignon and they didn't have cool

water. But the quail came and the water came out of the bitter water and

then out of the rock there at Rephidim. Battle came. Warfare came from

Amalek, the Amalekites. And God in and through all of this kept His hand

on His people, and brought them to the foot of the mountain. Not any

mountain, but "the" mountain - Sinai. The Sinai range of mountain, in

the southern area of the peninsula of Sinai. Mount Horeb. And it is an


awesome thing to see.

I was privileged to go there on one occasion and exceedingly upset when

they said, "We do not have time to climb the mountain." I'd gone on a lit ...

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