by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) January 6, 1985 - AM



Exodus 17 and 18

I hope you'll open your Bibles with me to the book of Exodus. This morning

we'll look at Chapter 17 and Chapter 18 as we continue our study in the life

of Moses. Exodus 17 and 18 as we bow for prayer together.

"Father, we pray that Thou would indeed tabernacle among us during this time

f worship and celebration. We're here to praise Thee, as well as listen to

that still small voice that speaks so clearly through music and supplication

and Thy Word and proclamation of the good news. Give us hearts that are

open, minds that are attentive. May we, 0 Lord, be on spiritual tip-toe as

we anticipate Thy Word of truth. You speak, 0 Lord. Let me get out of the

way so that Thy Word and Thy message alone might not only be heard, but may

it be received and understood and incorporated into our lifestyles. For we

make this prayer through the strong, holy, saving name of this same Jesus.


Moses had a problem. Do you really understand the scope of his problem?

Now, just imagine that God gave you the assignment of taking the entire pop-

ulation of Houston, Texas - do you have the picture? - the entire popula-

tion of Houston, Texas, and leading this population through a desert wilder-

ness area that had practically no water and no food. Pretty good assignment,

isn't it? Actually, as you look at the assignment on paper, anyone with a

lick of sense would say, humanly speaking, it is impossible.


But isn't it thrilling to know that our God, our Lord, is a Lord of the
impossible? When self runs out, so many times that's the exact point where
God begins. Have you noticed that? When I do everything I can do; I ex-
haust all of my ingenuity, ...

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