by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) December 23, 1984 AM


Matthew 2:1-2, 11

I hope you already have your Bibles open to Matthew, the Second Chapter.

I'll read Verse 1 through Verse 2, then I'll skip and read Verse 9 through

Verse 12. Matthew, Chapter 2.

Now when Jesus @ botn in Bethf-ehem oi Judah in the days

oi Hetod the king, behoed, theae came Wi,6e men @,tom the east

to JeA"atem saying, "WheAe @ He that is botn king o6 the

Jew,6? Fot we have seen Hi,6 stoA in the ea6t and aAe come

to wo@ hip Him.

Then Verse 10 following:

When they had h@ the king, they depaxted. And, to, the

,stoa w@ch they saw in the east went be6ote them untit it

came and stood ovea wheae the young ckitd was. When they

,saw the 5taA., they tejoiced with exceeding g)teat joy. And

when they weae come into the houze, they zaw the young chitd

w,Uh Maty, His mothea, and 4ett down and wouhiped Him. And

when they had opened theit tAeasuAm, they pl@ented unto

Him gi@t-6, goed, 4,tankincem e and myath. And being waaned

o@ God in a daeam that they shouP-d not tetuAn to HeAod., they

depaxted into theix own countay, anothea way.

Let's pray togehter. "Father, we thank You for the thrill of this season.

For family intimacies, for food and fellowship and quietness. For the

giving and receiving of gifts. For the fresh sparkle in the eyes of child-

ren. For the homecoming and reunion that is enjoyed with those we haven't


seen for awhile. All of this, Father, centers around the home, which we

trust centers around the meaning of this season...tb worship, to honor,

and to, yea, bow a ...

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