by Dr. Ed Young

#4 21
(Transcribed from actual tape) November 25, 1984 - 11:00 a.m.


Exodus 7-10

Let's bow for prayer together.

"Father, we bow our heads and close our eyes; and, also, oh Lord, we bow

our hearts and open our minds to Thy revelation and to Thy truth. We're

here in this place of assembly, some out of habit, some through invitation,

some casually, but, Father, we trust that many are here by divine appoint-

ment, that You have in this hour a clear word of truth designed especially

for their heart and their life. May no one here feel like what is said

and done is not for me, but, Lord, may all of us feel - individually and

collectively - that this is that moment, this is that word of conviction,

of healing, of encouragement, that word that is so desperately needed. Dear

Father, You speak. Let me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy holy

and divine message might not only be heard - we've heard a lot of preach-

ing - but may it be received and understood and applied right where we

live in the decisions that we make every day, in the words that we speak

every moment. Tabernacle among us, is our hearts desire and the passion of

this prayer offered through Jesus Christ, our living Lord. Amen."

When George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion appeared on Broadway as My Fair Lady,

an advertisement depicted Shaw in a cartoonist's version of God, Who was

manipulating a puppet that was Dr. Higgins, and Dr. Higgins was manipulat-

ing another puppet that was Elisa. This was the idea of three dimensions


involved in that drama. Some would read the account in Exodus in Chapter 7

through Chapter 10, and see there a story of a hero...the story of Moses,

the liberator, the emancipator, the general, the commander...and they would

write the life ...

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