by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) November 4, 1984 - PM


Exodus 2:11-3:1

Well, this may be one of those nights. If you open your Bible to the book

of Exodus, Chapter Number 2. How'd the Oilers do today? I wanted to begin

with the theme of my message for tonight. Before we get into it, let's bow

for prayer together.

"Father, thank You for the joy and the fun and the excitement of being in

Your church, for the fellowship we have with our brothers and sisters in

Jesus Christ like nowhere else in this world. May we be constantly reminded,

dear Lord, that if this is the Fellowship of Excitement, You and You alone

make it exciting. You speak now, and let me get out of the way so that Thy

word, and Thy message alone might be heard, received, understood and applied

in our lives. May we, like Moses, be powerful in words and deeds, For we

pray in the name of Him Who is greater than Moses, Jesus Christ, our Savior

and our Lord. Amen."

Have you ever tried to climb the ladder of success and been successful at

it as you went up rung after rung after rung, and you got to the very top,

and you say, "I've got it made," only to discover that you have put the

ladder against the wrong wall? And when you got to the top, instead of

finding success, you looked around and said, "I'm a failure. I'm a failure."

But somehow, being a failure's not very popular. It may be good for us

tonight to, just shut this service down and let everybody stand up and give

their testimony about how and when you've failed. I've been in a lot of


services, and somebody would stand up and say, "I want to tell you what

God's doing in my life, and they give such a fabulous story." And some-

body will stand up and say, "I want you to know I did this, and this hap-

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