by Dr. Ed Young

Rodeo Revival
October 26, 1984
Friday P.M. #412
John 3:16

Let me encourage everyone, if you would, to come in and be seated. It is
helpful when we're all in here under the shed; and, also, let me say a general
word of announcement. I was leaving this afternoon -- they were talking about
late afternoon thundershowers and a low or a high depression or whatever. I
think, considering the monsoon we've been a part of, this is a fabulous group
on this Friday night. If we bring this many folks and we come on a Friday
night with this kind of weather, we won't have enough chairs here tomorrow
night and tomorrow afternoon.
Now, remember the schedule we have tomorrow; it's gonna get better all
the time. We ttave tITe ccimival arrcf tfte (-@u" fair bfegin-ning about e@tOO arid
at 3:30, we'll have a rodeo out in the corral, it's out on the road out there,
and we've got a real wild west rodeo with whatever they do, and, uh, we've got
a little goat that's going to come and the children are going to catch the
goat and win a free trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld or whatever Mr. Moore
can afford. Uh -- Waco, he said, Waco, Waco. So, uh, we're going to have a
great time together. Following this we're going to have a Mexican meal out
here that's going to be something under these beautiful facilities here, and
following this we'll have some preservice music, and at 6:30 tomorrow night
we'll really get our service proper started and we'll be through before 8:00
-- well before 8:00 tomorrow night. So, if you come in the middle of the
afternoon or you look in your schedule there in your bulletin, you'll be able ...

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