by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) October 7, 1984 - PM


Romans 16:21-27

We're grateful all of those who are home tonight watching the debate. I
assume that's just the group that hadn't made up their mind, and all of us
have decided. Am I correct? It's a wild group. Mr. Durham, I think you've
done this to us.

This morning it was real cute that one of our young people was overheard
whispering to another young person,I said to turn back to Romans, Chapter 1.
He whispered and said, "He's starting over again." True story. A true story.
I really should stretch this out, because somebody told me if I could get
to November that we would have been in Romans for one year. One year in
Romans. One year roaming through Romans.

Tonight we're going to look at Verse 21 and go to the end of the chapter.
Hopefully. Let's bow for prayer.

"Father, Thy word is exciting and thrilling. We thank You for it. We con-
fess here that so many, many of us really do not know it. We work at it
periodically and inconsistently, but yet we haven't really hidden it in our
hearts. And as a people, Lord, as a worshipping congregation tonight, we
commit to You a hunger for Thy truth revealed through this inspired Book.
May we truly reach out for this truth in a more consistent fashion every
day in which we live. You speak, Dear Lord, and let me get out of the way

so that Thy word and Thy holy and divine message might not only be heard,

but may it be received and understood and incorporated into our lifestyles.

For we make this prayer through Jesus Christ. Amen."

Look back up in Verse 19 of Romans 16.
19 Fot youa obedience i,6 come abkoad unto aU men...
Using the King James tonight. I want to end up orthodox.
Fo,t youa obedience " come abtoad unto aU men. I am

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