by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) October 7, 1984 - AM


Romans 16:17-20

This morning we'll look at Verse 17 through Verse 20. Tonight we'll look

at 21 through Verse 27. Let's bow for prayer together,

"Father, we anticipate that day when we all will be able to sing praises

to Thee and to give glory to Thee with our "hosannas," with our 'hallelujahs,'

with our 'amens.' But, Father, we trust that in this brief, brief interim

period called 'life,' that You will so inspire us, You will so change us,

You will so infill us that during this fleeting of a moment, yea, in this

dimension our lives also, beginning today, will as never before give to Thee

glory. Lord, get glory from this service of worship in the prayers and the

reading of the Scripture. In the singing, in the sharing, in the giving.

And now Father, I pray that You will let me get out of the way so that Thy

word and Thy holy and divine message might not only be heard but may it be

received and understood and incorporated into our lifestyles. For we make

this prayer in the beautiful name of this same Jesus. Amen."

In the first part of Romans, Chapter 16, Paul gives us a list of believers
that he either knew or had heard of. And in this list we see extravagant
words of praise and commendation. And he just goes right down the roll
call, perhaps of his own prayer list, talking about believers who had helped
him, believers who had taught with him, believers who had helped in the
sharing of the Word, believers who had served him, and also believers who

had served in prison with him. And Paul gets through with this list, you

almost want to sigh and say, "Well, he...he's leading up to the dramatic ...

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