by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 30, 1984 PM


Romans 16:1

I've got my army lined up back here if any women charge the platform. Kind
of a weak looking bunch,to tell you the truth. Well, well...somebody told
me this morning, said, "Pastor, you're going to get killed preaching that
Bible." I've about decided that's right.

We were wandering around in Romans, Chapter 16, and we ran into Phoebe and

Priscilla and Aquila. And then we had the listing of what,some seven other

women there that Paul commends. And I thought this would be a good occasion

for us to talk about a very modern, contemporary subject, the ordination of

women. Now, let me say something up front. I will not be exhaustive on

the subject. There's always people who write and comment and say, "You

left this out. You didn't deal with this. And this is the most important

verse." And I want to confess up front, you're exactly right.

w@s, ago, I ment;loned g4ifts. A.-.d I talked about the gifts of the

Spirit, the gifts the church has. And I got letters saying, "You left out

this gift and this gift and this gift and this gift." And I wanted to say,

"Well, what could I do in 30, 40 minutes?" So, I'm going to just skim over

the top and in our systematic study of God's Word from the pulpit in our

church, I have a feeling that with basic research and study, with the help

of some good scholars that write our commentaries, that all of us will be

able to find out all you'll need to know and to be able to make a decision


as to what you believe the Bible teaches, specifically about the ordination

of women.

Let me say a word of introduction about the general practice of ordination.

Where are you going to find a biblical ou ...

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