by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed form actual tape) September 30, 1984 - AM

Romans 16:1-16

I hope you have your Bibles open. Romans 16:1-16. Romans 16, we'll deal

with Verse 1 through Verse 16 of this chapter. Tonight I'll digress from

the study of Romans, not really, we're dealing with a matter here of utmost

important, and speak on the role of women in the church. The ordination

of women in the church, tonight at the evening service. And we'll not fol-

low several side streets here in Scripture which indicate that we perhaps

should deal with it this morning. I think it needs to be a separate topic.

And then next Sunday morning I will deal with the middle portion of Romans

16. And then Sunday night I'll finish up Romans 16 next Sunday. So, Verse

1 through 16 this morning. A little side street that spins off our study

this morning on the ordination of women. And then next Sunday morning, the

middle section of Romans. And then the end of Romans, the fabulous bene-

diction of the Apostle Paul.

Some of you were young children when we started this series. And we look

forward to completing this time of study together so we can begin, incident-

ally, a study of Moses. We're going to the Old Testament. There'll be 29

sermons on Moses. We'll go for awhile and get through about 20-something

I forgot the exact number. We'll stop at Exodus 20 and deal with the Ten

Commandments ala carte. One at a time. And then we'll go all the way

through Moses. And I think it'll encompass some 29 sermons. Maybe I can

squeeze together and not expand it like we've had to do in Romans. So


just bear that in mind and let us pray together as we study this passage ...

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