by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 23, 1984 PM



Hope you have your Bibles open. ..Romans, Chapter 15. Turn over and you'll

see how many chapters we have"left-. We might just go back and start over.

Because we've missed a bunch. Tonight we'll begin with Verse 22 and go

through Verse 33. Let's bow for prayer together.

"Father, thank You for Your presence in this service, for the joy and the

fun and the spontaneity of worship. For the privilege of celebrating, cele-

brating with Thee. We praise You, Lord. We love You, Lord. We adore You.

We honor You. Now, I pray, not vainly or tritely, but, Lord, I ask that

You will speak and let me get out of the way s-n tha-t, Thy ward, and Thy holy

and divine message might not only be heard, but may it be received and under-

stood and incorporated into our lives. For we pray in Jesus' name. Amen."

He decided to spend the winter in Corinth. In all probability he couldn't

see very well. His eyes were dimmed. His body was scarred. Many believe

he certainly was stooped over and could not stand straight up. But the

winter in Corinth would be a lonely experience, except he had a commission.

He had a mandat e to write a letter to the church at Rome. He'd never been

to Rome. But he felt somehow he had been there before. And so he picked up

his pen, and,I believe very carefully and very prayerfully, wrote a letter

to those Christians in the church at Rome. He poured out his heart inspired

by the Holy Spirit. I do not think Paul had any idea that scholars for


thousands of years following that event would study this letter, contemplate

its words, and recognize that it is indeed the Christian manifesto. And

so we've looked at the ...

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