by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 16, 1984 PM


Romans 15:1-13

Did you notice that one of the tenors was a little flat, did you? He just...

he'd go for it and miss it. Did you ... did you...anybody notice that be-

side me? Did anybody notice that? And an alto I was sitting real close to

really got off. Evidently she looked up from the music. I don't know...and

just took off and ... And I don't want to pick on Jay, but the transition

there in one of the key signatures was really not as it should have been.

And there was a soprano that just wobbled. Did you hear the soprano wobbling


Wp-'rp- talking about that tonight. That's what our Scripture's about. That

kind of ridiculous stuff that I was doing. We did-n't liea-r- any problems

with our choir. We heard all of these wonderful, committed musicians, who've

practiced and prayed, introducing us to God in Jesus Christ through the beau-

tiful media of music, and we heard UNITY! Didn't we? Didn't we? Therefore,

you don't single out, you don't pick out - and, I made that up, folks. You

don't do that. Because I'm going to tell you something that negativeism

always does. It always divides. Positive words, positive outlook always

unifies. Always.

Paul is dealing with that problem here as he talks about Christian liberty.

He got upset about somebody eating and somebody drinking, about eating meat

sacrificed to idols. And somebody else got upset about it. And they began


to talk about it. And it just went like a whirlwind through the WMU, and

all of a sudden they had a problem. They had a problem in the churches.

And Paul here was trying to deal with those problems in light of Christian

liberty. And he gives us some wonderful pri ...

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