by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) September 9, 1984 - PM


Romans 14:1-12

Always felt our Church was too small. The building was not big enough
for Willa to sing in. Willa we gonna build a new one just for you.
Just for you.

It's good to have Mr. Moore back from vacation. He's been off in show
business for a week or so and we appreciate the choir and all those who
accompany and all of our clowns who helped us to laugh and then brought
us in a beautiful, beautiful way at the end right before that throne of
grace and love. Thank you Gary, God bless you and our choir. I mean
it. Don't come to work til noon in the morning, just just stay all the
wav in.

We're gonna get in a lot of trouble tonight if you don't listen
carefully ... well, you may listen carefully and we still may get in a lot
of trouble.

Open your Bibles to Romans chapter fourteen. Tonight we're gonna deal
with verse one through verse twelve. Gonna wade around in barracuda
waters and you always get chewed on when you wade in barracuda waters,
so listen exceedingly carefully and know that all of this section now
- 2 -

belongs in one piece but because we don't want to spend the night here,

I'm just gonna take part of it.

So, all the returns aren't in. A lot of people still think Dewey was

elected President but the returns kept coming in and Harry Truman was

elected. You remember? So stay with us in these passages as we move

through them and don't say, "Boy, our Pastor said last night, so and so,

so and so, so and so." You have to get the whole picture as we look at

Romans and especially as we look at this passage that deals with Chris-

tian ethics.

Let's bow and ask t ...

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