by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) August 26, 1984 - PM

I trust you already have your Bible open to Romans Chapter Number 12.
As we begin tonight, let's bow for prayer together. "Father, we're
thankful for this beautiful day, this first day, the resurrection day of
a new week. We trust that because of this time of gathering in thy
house that truly a touch of your glory has invaded our lives. Now,
Lord, I pray that you will speak and let me get out of the way so that
thy word and thy message alone might be heard. Father, we've heard a
lot of sermons, may yea this be that one that we put in practice in our
living, for this is our prayer, in Jesus' blessed and holy name. Amen."
A man was walking down the street in New York City and he passed a book
store and the title in the window caught his attention, How to Hug, and
being of a romantic nature, he decided that surely that was the book for
him. He was anxious to learn any new methods that might be used in the
hugging arts. So he went in and bought the book, How to Hug, only to
discover when he got home, that it was an encyclopedia covering from .% how
to hug in it ' subject matter. Now a lot of people come to church
looking for love and acceptance and expecting those of us who go by the
name of Christian to really care and to really love but instead of
seeing a demonstration of love, of biblical hugging, instead they see an
encyclopedia of theology,@nd this is tragic because as Christians, the
validity of our profession of faith means nothing unless we put it into
action and then it has true validity,, ft has God's stamp of realism
about it. Jesus said in his high priestly prayez,he prayed to the
Father that we might be "ONE". And then he said on another ...

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