by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Romans 12:3-8

Now, we're talking about spiritual gifts. Perhaps we'd
better begin and define a spiritual gift. A spiritual
gift is not the ability to play the piano or the organ
in church, or the violin, or the talent to sing a
solo. It's not the ability in mathematics. It's not
intelligence. It's not a capacity. A spiritual gift is
a supernatural gift from God given to every individual
in the church for the purpose of building up the body
of Christ, which is the church. It's a supernatural
thing. It's not a talent. And God has given to every
person in the body of Christ a supernatural charisma,
a supernatural gift, that is supposed to minister to
and aid and build up and be a blessing to the body of
Christ. You know the biggest problem in the church? Is
that we can go up and down these pews, and far too
many of us wouldn't have a notion as to what our
spiritual gift is in the body of Christ. Now, if you
want a listing of the gifts, you have to look at four
passages of Scripture. This passage, Romans 12; First
Corinthians, Chapter 12; Ephesians 4; and First Peter
4. See, it's easy to remember. You've got two fours.
You've got two twelves. And you've got just four books
to remember. See how easy?

Now, I spent a month or two on the gifts a year or two
back, and if you're interested in dealing with them
individually, I did an exhaustive type of thing in the
past. And some of you remember, there are two basic
kinds of spiritual gifts. There's the speaking gifts,
and there are the serving gifts. Now, let me tell you
a couple of difficulties with gifts. The first
difficulty is so much of the church today - this is
the whole church - the whole church. As the country
preacher said, "Whatever their abomination." The whole
church - whatever their denomination, whatever their
label - the problem is we have polarized ourselves
around the gifts. There's one extreme in the ...

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