by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape' Ju.-.e 24, 19@ AM


Part I

Romans 10:1-13

Seems like all week long I've been fighting alligators. And you fight a

lgator over here, and you fight a 'gator over here. And you encounter an

alligator over here. And I needed to just to back up for a moment and be

reminded by the Lord that I am not called to fight alligators. I'm called

to drain the swamp. And in order to do that, you have to believe something,

you have to know something, and you have to have embedded in your heart, in

your life, some doctrinal principles that we're discovering afresh in the

book of Romans.

Some of you know we have been in Romans forever! And we're in a very complex

and somewhat difficult section. So this morning, THINK, STRUGGLE, READ,

OBSERVE, LISTEN! And I think we'll get through this section and have afresh

in our hearts and lives some new principles upon which we can stand and build

our lives. Hope you'll open your Bibles to Romans, the 10th Chapter, as we

bow for prayer together.

"Dear)Father, we love You and we praise You. And we thank You for the high

and holy opportunity that is ours to open the Book and know that through Thy

Holy Spirit it comes alive in our minds and in our hearts. We thank you, 0

Lord, when it cuts, convicts, and convinces us. We thank You when it lifts

us up out of valleys of depression and discouragement, yea, sin. Lord, we


thank You that it is a mirror in which we see ourselves through Your eyes.

We thank Yau @at it a'lways brings us humbly befor- Thee, slbmissive before

the cross of Calvary, ready as never before to be Thy people about the busi-

ness of draining the swamps that surround us. Lord, You speak. Let me get

out of th ...

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