by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) June 17, 1984 - PM


Romans 9:19-33

In our study of Romans, in the middle of Paul's discussion of salvation, he

devotes three chapters to Israel. He's moving along at a secure pace writing

about the security of believers. And then in Romans, Chapter 8, he says, "Re-

gardless of what happens to you or what happens to me, because we are men and

women in Christ Jesus, we will be eternally secure." No matter what, in Jesus

Christ, God promises we're on top of life. But then the question comes, This

is what the Jews have been saying. God's chosen people, God's peculiar people,

God's called-out people, God's servant people, God's privileged people, they've

been saying the very same thing. What about the Jews? They had it made be-

cause they were men and women of God. And now you say the church in Jesus

Christ, they have it made because now they, through Christ, are men and women

of God. What happened to all of your promises to the Jews?

And so we have these three chapters-Chapters 9, 10, and 11 -in which Paul,

inspired by the Holy Spirit, has a special word about Israel. In Chapter 9,

he talks about Israel's election. In Chapter 10, he talks about Israel's

rejection. In Chapter 11, he talks about Israel's restoration. Now, under-

stand that and remember it if you are to understand these three chapters in

Romans. Israel was elected: Chapter 9. Israel rejected Jesus Christ: Chapter

10. Israel once again will be received, will be in God's plan when they come

to know Jesus Christ: and that is Chapter 11.

Now, Chapter 9 deals with the attributes of God as far as the election of


Israel is concerned. Do you really see the problem? Israel,selected by God,
now in a sense set aside because the ...

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