by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) June 3, 1984 - PM


I John 3: 11-24

I hope most of you already have your Bibles open to First John. One of our
dea@n& t-aid me- hp- cauld find that @y himsp-lf now. We've been in it lonci
enough on Sunday ngiht. And I was pleased with that. He said, "I don't have
any trouble anymore, Pastor." Glad you're here. Those of ... who are going to
heaven, took a nap this afternoon would you lift your hand. Fine. Fine. It
was almost too pretty to sleep, wasn't it? It really was. Who won the bas-
ketball game? Did they...didn't they have one of the playoffs? Who won?
How much did they win by? A lot? That's good. We should meet outside to-
night, but we won't meet outside again until there's a drought. It's going
to be one of those nights. Let's begin and have a word of prayer together.

"Father, we thank You for this church, this body of Christ, this family of

faith. The intimacy, the love, the concern, the fellowship that's here

it is of You. And we rejoice in it. Father, as we lengthen our cords and

deepen our stakes and enlarge the place of our worship, Father, may we never

lose the intimacy and the reality that You give to a body of believers when

they're committed to Thy word and they're committed to being men and women

and young people who walk on their knees. Lord, You speak. Let me get out

of the way as Thy word speaks clearly to us tonight. For we make this prayer

in the strong, holy name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord. Amen."

I have been interested in the process of legislation that's being passed

by various states to protect those individuals who ride rides at entertainment


parks. Have you been following that a little bit? And Texas is finally

catching on ...

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