by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) June 3, 1984 - AM

Romans 9:1-18

When I think of Romans, Chapter 9, I'm reminded of Jeremiah 12:5. Jeremiah

is discouraged. He feels beaten and defeated. He's exhausted. And he be-

gins to complain to God. And God, instead of comforting Jeremiah, said

this-, "If you have run with the footmen and they have tired you out, how

in the world will you be able to compete with the horses?" As we come to

Romans 9, 10 and 11, these passages, and I've reminded of how we have gone

through a lot of deep water in Romans I through Chapter 8. And how we have

struggled with these profound theological concepts and basic doctrines of

the Christian life. And if we've had a tough time here, what are we going

to do when we get to Romans 9? We're exhausted over here; how in the world

weire going to be able to run and understand the pace that Paul is giving

to us? Because in Romans, Chapter 9, Paul asks every question that anyone

who is embittered or upset can ever ask of the Lord. Let's pray together.

"Dear Father, we bow before Thee confessing our sin and our inadequacy and

our unworthiness to know Thee and to even be a part of Thy family. Father,

we come before Thee because we have bowed our hearts and our heads and our

lives before Thy Son, Jesus Christ. And, Father, I pray that You will

speak, and let me get out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy holy and

divine message might not only be heard, but may it be received and under-

stood and incorporated into our lifestyles. Yea, Father, we trust that

because of the invasion of Thy Spirit deep in our hearts in this service,

we, yea, will never be the same. For this is our prayer in the name of

Jesus, our living Lord. Amen."


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