by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) May 20, 1984 - AM


Ground Breaking Service

A group of people joined together on the side of a beautiful mountain, and

the in turn were making a daisy-chain. They were in deep clover, and all

around them were flowers. And they would take those flowers and pick them

up and begin to put them together. Other people came and said, "That's a

worthy endeavor, making daisy-chains." So people cane from far a-nd-wide

and began to make more daisy-chains. But at the same time this group was

making daisy-chains, there were just hundreds of people periodically who

were going over cliffs Y-i@ by IL-,hem. Thi-s g-ro-up was seated in the lovely

clover making daisy-chains, and other people were going over cliffs. You

could hear them shouting and crying as they went that final step down to

oblivion. And they would shout and cry and holler, "Help!" But it was

too late. They went down to their destruction.

And once in awhile those who were making daisy-chains, one would get up
and they would go over and save one of those who would be going over the
cliff. And they would bring one who would have gone over the cliff to
their destruction back down and seat them and teach them how to make daisy-
chains. And then sometimes someone who had been saved from going over the
cliff would join and say, "We ought to be saving. There are hundreds ...
there are thousands of people right over there who are going over that
cliff to their destruction. And we sit over here making daisy-chains."
So they get fired up for awhile. And they would stop making daisy-chains,
and they would take two, or three, or four and go over there and save

three, four, or five. And they would get all excited about it and bri ...

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