by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) May 6, 1984 PM

Matthew 4: 1-11
Our scripture tonight is taken from Matthew, Chapter Number 4. I'm going
to read the passage, Verse 1 through 11.
IThen Jesta wo-6 Zed up oi the Sp@ into the wUdeAnezz
to be tempted o@ the devif-. 2And when He had 6osted JoAty
day-6 and 4oAty kaght6, He wa6 a4t d an hungeaed. 3And
when the temptea came to flim and said, "14 thou be the Son
o@ God, comand that these stonu be made btead. , 4But He
amweaed and said,, "It is w@en, 'Man 6hatt not tive by
b)tead aeone,, but by eveay wotd that ptoceedeth out o6 the
mouth o6 God. 5Then the devit taketh Him up into the hoty
city; and sitteth Hirn on the pennacte o4 the terapte, 6and
,sayeth unto Him, 1114 thou be the Son o4 God, cast thyset4
down: 6ot it i,6 w@en, 'He -shau give H@ angetz chcftge
conceaning thee; And in theix han@ they shaU beat thee
up, Lut at any time thou dazh thy ioot again6t a ztone."'
7Je.6us 5aid unto him, "It i6 en again, 'Thou 5haP-t
not tempt the Lotd thy God."' 8Again, the devu- taketh
Him up into an exceeding high raountain, and showeth Hirn
aU the kingdom o6 the woatd, and the gtoty o@ thern; 9and
he 6ayeth unto Hirn, "Att these things witt 1 give thee ii
thou wiet 6aU down and wou4p me." 10 Then saith Je,5u6
unto him., "Get thee hence Satan, 6o& it is w@en, 'Thou

,6haP-t wouhip the Lotd thy God and Him onty 6hatt thou
,6e)Lve.iff 11 Then the devu eeaveth Him; and behotd, ang@
came and mini-6teAed unto Him.

Let's pray together. "Father, we as a body of Christ ...

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