by Dr. Ed Young

Romans 6:15-23
March 25, 1984

If you'll open your Bibles to Romans, Chapter Number 6, as
we bow in prayer together:

"Father, we come on Sunday so many times, and our lives
have been so full and crowded and pressured, it's difficult
for us to be still before Thee. Yea, Lord, to concentrate
and to listen and to absorb Thy truth. But, Lord, in this
hour, quicken us. Give us an alertness and a hunger and a
passion for Thy revelation as we have never, never had it
before. You speak, Father. Let me get out of the way so
that Thy word and Thy holy and divine message alone might
be heard. For we make this prayer in the strong, holy name
of Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord. Amen."

Romans Chapter 1 through Romans Chapter 5 is theological.
We talked about sin, salvation, justification, redemption,
righteousness. And then finally we moved to Romans, Chapter
6, and it is very, very practical. This is what you believe
- Romans 1 through 5. This is what has happened to you when
you were justified by faith in Jesus Christ; therefore, now
this is how you live. If you believe this, then you must
live like this.

Now, Romans, Chapter 6, Verse 1, and Romans Chapter 6,
Verse 15, ask basically the same question and establish an
outline for the entire sixth chapter. Romans, Chapter 6,
Verse 1, asks the question: "Well, I'm saved. I'm a
Christian; therefore, now can I live just like I want to
because I will always be a Christian? I will always be a
member of the family of God. Therefore, I can sin because
it gives a chance for God to show off His grace more. I'll
sin more so that grace can abound more." And the answer is:
"Absolutely no." In some of your translations it says, "God
forbid." Other translations it say, "No. No." Then in the
15th Verse it asks the same question in a little different
way. "Can I go on sinning now that I am a Christian, and I
know that the Lord is go ...

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