by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) March 18, 1984 AM
The Lord's Supper

Matthew 26:26-29
Our musicians always have a way of meeting our needs in worship. Grateful
to Mr. Moore, to our choir and all who lead. Mr. Benward. A new policy has
been instituted. After your third child you have to sing a solo in church.
And he's established that this morning.

An American group was touring Westminster Abbey, and the guide was droning
over the same routine that he had uttered for thousands of time with similar
groups. He was explaining this window and that particular knave, and this
part of the structure, when suddenly in the middle of his recitation, a
little lady from the Midwest lifted her hands and ... and with English con-
descension he said, "Yes, Madam? What is it?" And she said, "What I want
to know, has anybody been saved here lately?"

That's the bottom line, isn't it? Has anybody been saved here late...lately,
can be an embarrassing question to ask in a cathedral or an abbey or sometimes
in church - many churches. We go through all the routine and the rituals.
We do everything on key. The timing is right. The setting is right. The
structure is right. The ... the tire is right. Everything is right. But how
easy it is to lose th e basic fact of who we are...why we're here ... what we're

Has anybody been saved here lately? The Lord Jesus in that upper room insti-
tuted the Lord's Supper - His supper - a memorial celebration - so that we

would not forget - the church - what we're all about. To get involved in
worship and celebration and activity and programs and budgets and outreach
and all the other exciting things that go with church, the Lord seemingly
wanted to remind ...

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