by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) February 19, 1984 9:40 a.m.


Romans 5:12-21

Hope you already have your Bibles open to Romans, Chapter Number 5. We've

been studying Romans across these months together, moving slowly but surely

in the study of one of the most profound books certainly in all the world.

As we begin let's pray together.

"Father, we open Thy Word with expectation and anticipation, recognizing

that it is that divine truth that speaks, instructs, inspires, convicts

yea, Father, points us to Thyself. At this hour in this place, Lord, we

pray that You will speak as You've already spoken to us through music and

through prayer and supplication. Now, Father, You speak, as we seek to

proclaim this word. Let me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy holy

and divtrye rffessage m-igi@t not onliy be heard, but may 4,t be received and under-

stood and incorporated into our lives. For we make this prayer always through

Jesus Christ our Intercessor. Amen.@"

In Romans, Chapter 5, Verse I through 11, we discovered that those who have

by faith in Jesus Christ become justified, become right with God, they have

three things in their life: Grace, peace, and glory. You invite Jesus

Christ into you life, you have grace, peace, and glory. And then we dis-

covered that the source of grace, peace, and glory is this same Jesus. For

at one time, at one place in history, one Man did one thing that affected

the entire world forever. And that one man we discover in Romans 5:1-11 was

this same Jesus. And that one deed was His sacrificial death on the cross.


One man, one deed affecting the entire world, all of history, before and
after at that specific place on calvary. We see it in Verses 1 through 11.
Look at it. The s-econd part ...

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