by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from actual tape) February 12, 1984 PM


I John 1:5-10

If you'll open your Bibles to First John, and let's begin by going to the

Lord in prayer.

"Father, we're thankful to Thee for the ministry of music that inspires us,

that instructs us, that prepares us for Your clear word to our hearts and

to our needs. We pray tonight, Father, not vainly or tritely or not repe-

titiously or not ritualistically, but we pray, Father, with great sincerity

and humility before Thee that You would speak and let me get out of the way

so that Thy Word and Thy holy and divine message might not only be heard,

but may it be received and understood and incorporated into our living. For

we make this prayer in Jesus' name. Amen."

During the fourth grade, there was this one girl in the room - chubby-cheeked,

loud, smart, knows everything, tells more than she knows, universally dis-

liked by all - and this was the day. You very discretely had gotten one of

those thick rubberbands off the morning newspaper, and you had a paper clip.

You prepared for days prior to the momentous of moment. The teacher had

stepped out in the hall to speak with another teacher who was passing by.

The way was clear. Paper clip, rubberband, loud-mouthed girl studying while

teacher was out of room - you fired that one good shot you had, and you

hit an absolute bulls-eye and you could hear her holler for three rooms up

the hall and the blister foming, and everybody was laughing. And she was

absolutely hysterical. Boy, the teacher turns around and pandermnium, a


riot, bedlam is taking place. And she calms everybody down and she's point-

ing at the back of the room and she's accusing everybody. And you're

just sorta trying to look innocent and look ...

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