by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
Romans 5:1-2
February 5, 1984

I hope you already have your Bibles open to our
Scripture this morning. We continue our study in the
book of Romans. Instead of looking at eleven verses -
I think that's announced in your bulletin - we're
going to look at two. So, we'll look at Romans,
Chapter 5, Verses 1 and 2. Let's bow for prayer as we

"Father, there's so much pushing and shoving. There's
so much competition for time, for energy, for
emotional and mental power, that sometimes when we
come to Thy house we just relax and put our hearts and
our minds in neutral and forget to be sharp and keen
and alert and spiritually sensitive for Your word
that many times, so many times, we so desperately
need. That word of cleansing, that word of
encouragement, or that word of conviction, that word
of resolution, that word that changes our entire
lives. Lord, You speak. Let me get out of the way so
that Thy word and Thy word alone might not only be
heard, but may it be received and understood and
incorporated into our lives.

For we make this prayer in the strong, holy, saving
name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Look at the first word in Chapter five of the book of
Romans and you see the word "therefore." The
therefores you find in the writings of Paul are very
important. It's not just some way to be eloquent.
It's not just a word he just called capriciously from
the air or that rolled rapidly to his mind. When Paul
says, "Therefore," he is saying, "This is what has
happened in the past; now this is a pivotal point as
to what will happen in the future and the present."
The first two and a half chapters of the book of
Romans, we discovered, we were wiped out. Mankind -
all of mankind - is ruined by sin and rebellion and,
therefore, we are separated from God.

And then beginning with the second half of Chapter 3,
and through all Chapter ...

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